Jan. 11, 2022

Top Books for Men from Men in the Arena Pt. 2 - Equipping Men in Ten EP 507

Top Books for Men from Men in the Arena Pt. 2 - Equipping Men in Ten EP 507

Top Books for...

Top Books for Men                                               

Listed Alphabetically by Author’s last name                         

9. The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz

Why? Gene’s is the first book to define the biblical qualities every godly man must strive for. His book, written over 50 years ago has sold over a million copies to date.

Episode #: 255

10. The Elephant in the Marriage by Jason Karampatsos

Why? Find out what brings satisfaction in the marriage by reading this ground-breaking work. You may be shocked. 

Episode #: 239

11. Ten Things Great Dads Do by Rick Johnson

Why? Rick is one of the least know best authors to speak to men in decades. IN his book, Rick whittles fathering down to ten great fathering principles. 

Episode #: 154, 156

12. Raising a Modern Day Night by Robert Lewis

Why? Every father raising sons needs to read this book. Lewis helps dads navigate through rite of passage ceremonies with their sons. 

Episode #: 342

13. Six Rules Every Man Must Break by Bill Perkins

Why? This was the first book about manhood I ever read and it was a game changer as I broke free from extra biblical rules and church expectations that drove my life.  

Episode #: 88

14. The Jesus Story by White Horse Publishing (Bill Perkins)

Why? Not specifically for men, this is a blended version of the Gospels with no chapter or verse refences. It is a game changer that every man must own.

Episode #: 227

15. Strong Men Dangerous Times: Five Essentials Every Man Must Possess to Change His world by Jim Ramos

Why? What did you expect? This Amazon #1 bestseller is the first book I’ve read that clearly defines what a man is and does. You’ll walk away knowing what it takes to live as a man.    Episode #:  426 (428, 430, 432, 434)

16. Just a Minute by Wess Stafford

Why? This book changed how I acted around little children. Often ignored, now whenever a child enters the room I act as though I was standing on holy ground because of this great book written by the greatest man I ever met. Just a minute can change a child!

Episode #: 483

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