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Great ministry

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this podcast or what made me decide to listen to it other than it was the will of God. I’ve been on a journey of self improvement for 2 years now and it feels like I reach a point in my journey where the main thing that was left was to grow deeper in my relationship was God; however, I didn’t realize it until God had me listen to this podcast. Jim does a great job interviewing his guests. Since listening to my first episode I have been binging episodes of this podcast, podcast of his guests, and have noticed a huge difference in my connection to Jesus. For the first time I feel like I am doing life with Jesus and part of the credit for that goes to the existence of the Men in The Arena community and their partner organizations.

New to Men in the Arena podcast.

Grateful that my friend Aaron Stark. Invited me to join. Started at your oldest podcast. I am on my fourth podcast. 17 December 2019 Episode 221 is my favorite episode so far. I started at episode 202. This is a long podcast but worth every minute . Enjoy and be blessed. 21 December 2019 Episode 231 go Air Force Aim High. Moments matter. 23 December 2019 Episode 235. Thanks for sharing this very needed and frank, direct, brutally honest episode. Overcoming by the power of pain. 2 January 2019: Episode 246 Fight For Your Marriage. I needed this today. I am fighting the good fight. Nothing is changing yet and I am getting tired of waiting for God’s Blessings in my marriage. I will continue to do what God wants of me. Even if I am not seeing any changes in my wife. I have many years of toxic bad years to overcome. Philippians 4:13. God has got me. 8 January 2020 Episode 259 Death Ruck 2019. Great listen very encouraging. My do something hard is. Rehabilitation from Left Knee Total Knee Replacement Revision 19 November 2019. I am seven weeks out from surgery. This is the hardest physical, mental, spiritual & emotional thing. I have had to endure thus far in my 59 years. The hard part is that theses four areas are cumulative. My wounds from my past are with me in the present. I will persevere Philippians 4:19

Powerful stuff

I am routinely amazed and challenged by this podcast and Jim Ramos. First of all, this guy reads EVERY book he interviews someone for. You can tell some of the guests are even shocked that he actually read the book LOL. Also, I really like the way he defines the opposite of soft as not hard, but solid. I don't want to be a hardened guy, but I sure as heck want to be a solid one. Thanks, Jim! Keep up the good work.

Fabulous! If your a man serious about living like one

I look forward to listening to this podcast a couple of times a week. First thing in the morning I do my devotions, then listen to the newest episode. Every episode has been relevant, convicting, and challenging. It’s not a joke to be a man. It’s not a joke to be a husband or a father either. I’ve been a Christian since I was in grade school, I have experienced the various challenges of the walk. This podcast keeps it real.

Makes me better

Such a wide variety of guest interviews that make me a better man, father, husband, employe, and member of my community.

Better man

If you want to learn how be a better man of God, a better husband & father this is the podcast for you. Real life application from imperfect men who have figured out that godly submission isn’t just for women. Thanks fellas!

Not for boys

Not for boys but men who want to be men.

Regular listener

I’ve been married for 8 years, I have two kids. Listening to this podcast has me constantly thinking and rethinking the way my household is run. It’s been instrumental in making me the man my wife needs me to be, as well as being the dad my son and daughter need. Always looking forward to the next episode!

Thank you! A great Guide to Grow real MEN!

This is truely an inspiration. In a mans world I have been told I’m a “Man”, but really I was nothing. I greatly appreciate this podcast and others I listen to, to help guide me on the path of being a REAL MAN! I have shared this podcast with a few of my brothers in the military, a few guys at work. I want to help spread this the best I can. Thank you again for everything.

Listen! It’ll change your life!

Thank you Jim and the team for this excellent resource for men. I’m always looking forward to what I am going to learn from a new episode.

continuously life-changing

Simply said... this podcast is continuously changing my life and my perspective on what it is to be a man (not just a male, but a true man). I can see this reflected in my personal relationships (family and friends) and even in my public encounters (acquaintances and strangers). This podcast is convicting, yet encouraging and instructional. Every male should be listening to it. I've learned incredible lessons and great new ways to approach fatherhood, being a husband, and being a "man on the roof." The guest speakers are captivating and inspirational. I started listening to the earliest podcast I could and have loved all of them so far. I wish I could listen to them more frequently. If you're a male, a male who wants to be a man, a teen wanting to gain wisdom, or even if you're a man already, this podcast is for you. You won't regret listening to it, and your wife, sons and daughters, and everyone you encounter will notice a difference if you invest yourself into becoming a man. Because when a man gets it, everyone wins!

If u have a “member” love God, and want to be the man God expect u to be this is for u.

In a day in age when popular podcast are trying to “ deconstruct” Christian men this is a much needed “Arena”. If your a man who loves God. Is sick of the political world demasculinizing ( my word I think lol) men then you need to hear this. If you been left stranded by popular podcasts that promote breaking down the “ good Christian” or “ Facebook Christian” ( as I like to call them) but now are lost in a world of what do I do now or what IS expected of me as a Christian man, you are in the right place. I now have a book list a mile long I WANT to read on how to be a real man of God in this day in age. I’ve also purchased the Men in the Arena study Bible by Gene Getz and cant get enough of it. Just know that if you “Identify as a man” but don’t know what that truly means this is a great tool to get you started. This podcast will not Change your life. It will give you the tools your Father wants you to have so that HE can change your life as long as your willing to accept the journey.

Excellent resource for men!

A quality, meaningful podcast that is a great resource for men. As a 35 yr old father, I find great inspiration and thought-provoking challenges from this podcast. Keep up the great work!

Equipping Men

If you want be a man, a Godly man, a true man. This needs needs to be in your kit. Men in the Arena helps equip men to be a Man. It’ll help you examine your life, measure your faults, set fixes for your foundation, find ways to grow to benefit you, your wife, family, friends, and community. Part of the way Jim and Dale do this is also helping you discover numerous ministries out there that are designed for men. It helps remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. All of it teaches great lessons, but it is useless if you don’t bandage your wounds, pick up your sword and shield, take action and get in the arena. No matter what’s going on in your life, through Christ you can change it.

It’s real

Recently came across this when looking for some Christian perspective on Manhood, Fatherhood, adventure, provision, and all the other adjectives of expectations on places on us. Great info here and sometimes a bit gritty, but real issues require real talk. These are Men who are making the effort to bring in experts to mentor and disciple guys like me who want to do more than just be present but aren’t sure where to start. This podcast doesn’t disappoint and sometimes takes 2-3 listens to unpack all of the knowledge. I appreciate the Biblical foundation of each episode despite the variety of topics. Well done, wish I found it sooner.

A changed man

I love this podcast! I often used to struggle with my faith. I was first introduced to Jim Ramose at a prayer breakfast at a church in the small town of Mattoon IL. At the time I was not attending church and was trying to do my walk alone. But I knew I wanted to be a better husband, father, and man. My brother really wanted me to attend a prayer breakfast. This is where I heard Jim Ramose’s sermon Men on the Roof, and the following Sunday the power of a parents words. I started listening to this podcast and attending Church and men’s group regularly. My life and walk with God is truly better than it’s ever been. I have given my testimony and currently trying to help other men find God. I cannot express my gratitude and thanks. Thank you, Jim for this podcast and the work you’re doing for God’s kingdom. With love and admiration, Josh Frederick

Great life lessons

Have been on a quest to better myself and found this podcast. Focused on men and our particular issues is what I need. Great information and lots to think about!

New to Men in the Arena podcast.

Grateful that my friend Aaron Stark. Invited me to join. Started at your oldest podcast. I am on my fourth podcast. 17 December 2019 Episode 221 is my favorite episode so far. I started at episode 202. This is a long podcast but worth every minute . Enjoy and be blessed. 21 December 2019 Episode 231 go Air Force Aim High. Moments matter. 23 December 2019 Episode 235. Thanks for sharing this very needed and frank, direct, brutally honest episode. Overcoming by the power of pain. 2 January 2019: Episode 246 Fight For Your Marriage. I needed this today. I am fighting the good fight. Nothing is changing yet and I am getting tired of waiting for God’s Blessings in my marriage. I will continue to do what God wants of me. Even if I am not seeing any changes in my wife. I have many years of toxic bad years to overcome. Philippians 4:13. God has got me. 8 January 2020 Episode 259 Death Ruck 2019. Great listen very encouraging. My do something hard is. Rehabilitation from Left Knee Total Knee Replacement Revision 19 November 2019. I am seven weeks out from surgery. This is the hardest physical, mental, spiritual & emotional thing. I have had to endure thus far in my 59 years. The hard part is that theses four areas are cumulative. My wounds from my past are with me in the present. I will persevere Philippians 4:19


After over a decade of podcasts, books and conferences on a Believer’s pursuit of manliness, I am thankful to have found The Men in the Arena podcast series. Currently, playing old episodes, the material is timeless and always applicable. I enjoy the format of having expert guests that bring a new perspective every week. Always something to take away and disseminate to other men. Thanks guys & keep up the strong and needed work.

8 Cow Wife

Of all the MITA podcasts I have listened to, this one has brought so many topics to the forefront that are key to a great relationship between a husband and his wife. Absolutely, if a man gets (this), everybody wins.

Great questions and content

I really enjoyed listening to your podcast today. The questions were easy to understand and deep enough to get real substance. Well done.

A Great listen

First I want to thank the crew that makes this podcast possible. I have been listening to the podcast on my way into work each morning and on the way home. These have been great in helping me be the best version of myself.

God’s Honest Truth about all things of being a Man (not just a male)!!!

Jim and his team are great men of God and have inspired me to be a better man and think differently about what it means to be a husband and father. My family has noticed a difference since listening and follow The men in the arena and for that I thank you guys for all you do. I love hearing from all your guests of the podcast and listening to the different stories of how they were led to God and have shared their love for God they their experiences. Ever since I attended the Wild Game feast in Springfield, OR and heard Jim speak I’ve been moved by him and the way he delivers the message of what and how we need to be a s men of god. Again Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and press on brothers of Christ.

Jim Ramos puts it out there

Jim is a no nonsense guy. He speaks from his heart and let’s you have it right between the eyes. He does this so that a man can see the error of his selfish ways. Through this podcast a man can finally “see” and be healed of their worldly “blindness”. Men in the Arena is a excellent supplement to a Christian diet that enlightens the soul to its core. The precepts set forth in Jim’s ministry are to bring men to their knees and worship God with fearful reverence and to know that they loved, forgiven, and saved by His grace. Thanks Jim!

Superb podcast

This is led by two great men (shout out to Jim AND Dale). These guys do an amazing job interviewing men who are making a difference in this world. I’ve used some of Jim’s work (his book, “The Man Card”) on one of my hikes to teach men what our impact truly is. It is up to us—to men—to lead those we have influence over and teach and train them in what a true man of God should look like. It is up to us to save the next generation and I’m thankful for men like Jim and Dale who are leading men like me in this charge. It’s like they always say: “when a man gets it, everyone wins.” Keep up the great works, men!

Great stuff

I grew up as a Christian in the era of Mark Driscoll’s brand of Christian masculinity. Lots of machismo where there need not be. Lots of good fruit but also lots of seeds to spit out. These guys are granddads, so it’s good to learn from men who don’t care about that brand of machismo anymore. Excited to dig into the archives!

Great work, you are leading men to win!

Jim, I just started listening to your podcasts. They are excellent, and you are providing practical content to help men “get it” so everyone can win! You have challenged me to stay in the arena and off of the sidelines. I especially enjoyed the podcast with Haines Maxwell where he talked about the men at The Barn. They do great work there! We need more venues for Christian men to gather for encouragement, mentoring, “getting real” and heart surgeries! Gray


Love these podcasts. Jim it’s so great to see where God has taken and led you since youth group at the Naz. Just listened to episode 215? The adventure one I think. It reminds me of the book Wild at Heat by John Eldredge. Got me thinking about many things being in the stress bubble with life. Great stuff guys! Keep it up!

Keep up the work

Great job guys. Your message is reaching the Carolinas. I’m friends with Jeff A. who was one of your guests and I live 10 mins from The Barn. As a young father of two deep in the stress bubble, you’re encouraging me to surround myself with like-minded, Christian men. Keep doing what you’re doing guys. Thanks for all you are doing.

I salute you

A great podcast to hear from men that are in the arena. Men that are unashamed of the gospel and willing to dive deep into relationship with Jesus and each other. I love hearing about the perfect love of Jesus from imperfect men who are ready to become the best version of themselves. Thank you for helping us to understand the weightiness of manhood in a real and often times fun way.

Highly Recommend this podcast for all men

I listened to Men in the Arena about a year ago, but ended up sidetracked with talk radio. About a month ago I was disgusted with talk radio, and stumbled back onto the Men in the Arena podcast. I am so greatful I did. Jim, and the men he interviews have been so encouraging, and have challeneged me to be a better man. Great teachings for men during a time when masculinity is under attack. Keep up the good work, God bless!

I agree that when a man gets it, everyone wins.

Jim Ramos is dedicated to calling men to wake up, lead, father and fight for righteousness, by always keeping the thread of conversation going about how men can champion one another, call one another higher and deeper into the love of Christ Jesus. Jim creates an easy going and fun environment with his guest speakers, and asks thoughtful and intentional questions. There is a real need for the resources that Jim is providing and dedicatiing his life to such as Men on the mission field or Men who travel for work and spend weeks at a time, maybe even months away from their families and accountable fellowship. Thank you Jim Ramos!

Accountability in action

Wow ! Incredible info for men! Our church is trying to figure out men’s ministry and this gave us some traction!!! Accountability isn’t mentoring or discipleship, but being truthful with other men with permission to get in each other’s grill! Took this to our men’s group and several said they listened and know want to know how and where to get it!!!! Thank you for your ministry!!!

New listener

I’m a new listener within the past couple of months. Fully support the vision you’re casting and promoting. The intro script is inspiring, your content is great BUT I’m having to get past one aspect without turning the podcast off. When you all speak “men in the arena, we salute you”, it sounds like you’re mocking your own statement - like you’re embarrassed to be saying it. Either make the statement with conviction and belief or don’t say it at all! Choosing to step in to the arena!

Great podcast for men!

These guy are awesome! They are really and get down to the nitty gritty of try to be a godly man in the this crazy world! This podcast encourages me every time I listen to it. Very knowledgeable in the Bible and they always give you a real way to apply the wisdom spoken to your life. Thanks to all in the Men in the arena podcast! Keep up the great work and God bless!

Life Changing

The Men In The Arena podcast is full of age-old Biblical truths that are totally relevant in today’s modern world. As the host, Jim Ramos listens way more than he talks and really allows his guests to share their life-changing Wisdom while imparting his own. This podcast will positively improve your Life.

Great tool

I stumbled on the Man Card podcast back when Jim interviewed Jeff Voth from Cavetime, discussing his book Defending the Feminine Heart. I’ve been hooked ever since! The podcasts get raw and real........nothing is candy coated, which i appreciate. This is why I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast.

Awesome Podcast

Awesome Podcast. I listen to every episode. In a world of unlimited resources, this is one of the best resources for men seeking to become the best version of themselves!

Good encouragement

A buddy recommended this podcast to me and it’s been a huge blessing. Good encouragement and entertaining!


I have now listened to Jim and the gang for 3 months now and look forward to these podcasts! If you need some good inspiration and maybe a little guidance towards your journey no matter what age I highly recommend checking out Men in the Arena!

A great foundation

I started listening in March of 2018 after hearing Jim speak at ISI in Springfield, IL. Since then the podcast has become one of the highlights of my week. I love the variation of speakers and topics. And I love the challenges they share and how God wants us to live up to our full potential. Thank you for all the hard work you do for men! Matt Broch

Fight your battles

If you want peace, prepare for war. Get in the arena! When a man gets it, everyone wins. Subscribe or else.

Amazing podcast for men

Amazing podcast with information that is relevant for all ages!


This is a great resource for men. Amazing guests who are the “real deal” — men who are making a major difference in the world. Every episode has some great takeaways. Definitely the best Podcast series on iTunes.

Loving it!!!

Loving this podcast! I really like how it’s not so much a interview but more of a conversation with your guests! I just Ed started listing to it but I had to go back to the first one and it’s all I’ve been listining to while I drive.

You guys are awesome

I love how you've gone against the grain of interviewing well known guys to dialogue with the true heroes--men getting it done in real life!

Wake up to the Challenge

Sympathy can never take the place of Apathy. Get out of the bleachers and take action. I’ve been inspired by this podcast to have that mindset. So when my church asked if my wife and I would start a youth group in our community, I had no choice. Keep challenging men to get in to the arena. God bless.


This podcast is eye opening and has awakened me to my role as a husband and father. Keep up the great work guys. God is doing a great work through you guys.


This podcast goes straight to the heart of what men not only deal with but what they need to fight past those gut wrenching things that causes a man to fall! Best inspirational podcast out there! Thanks for what you do. Harvey

The Real Deal

Men in the Arena is a real podcast. You’ll hear real stories from real men that live everyday lives, but in extraordinary ways, not because of what’s inside of them, but because of who is inside them. Jim + Dale do a great job of facilitating a conversation not based on some theory or self-help strategy, but rather the conversations are always on life experiences and the power we have through Christ to overcome anything in life. If you want to hear real encouragement from men who have walked through dark valleys, stay here. If you’re looking for the shortcut, the quick fix or the easy button to Manhood you might want to buckle up before you hit play. This podcast will rock your world if you take it to heart and act on it, but brother, your world needs rocking from time to time so I hope you not only stick around, but put down roots in the Men in the Arena community! You need it + we need you! Hang Tough, Always Fight, Make the Jump! CJ Stewart 101st Airborne (Ret.)

Albany Iron Sharpens Iron

My name is Dan Hughes. I was at the Albany conference with my guys from our church. We all loved Jim’s morning message about needing men on the roof. I lead our men’s ministry and we have our own closed face book group. After that message one of the guys came to me and said how about if we change the name of our group to “Men on the roof”? So we did!!!! I am a truck driver and I love the podcast and listen to it all day as I drive. Started to listen to all the back podcasts as well. I love your ministry and am praying about financially supporting your work. I will be praying for you guys daily. You guys are my brothers. I love ya!!! God bless!!!!

Passion & progress

Thanks to Men in the Arena podcast, I’m encouraged by the messages & topics each time I listen. Jim, Dale, & the guest speakers have a passion for encouraging, enlightening, & supporting men to make progress in their walk with God & in their marriages!

I wish I could give this show 10 stars!

This show brings in top notch guests who share great wisdom. Jim does not beat around the corner, he tells it like it is. And the way Dale responds when Jim asks how Dale is doing is often hilarious!


As I move along my journey to become the man that God has created me to be, this podcast and Facebook group has helped me so much. The interviews are amazing and you can tell that Jim and Dale are sincere in their love of Christ and helping men become their best versions of themselves. Do yourself and family a great service and subscribe to this and start applying the information to your life. You won’t regret it.

Encouragement for Being a Man After God's Heart

An incredibly authentic and passionate resource for drawing men into the reality of who they were made to be as sons and image bearers of God. Full of truth and content for growth, as well as practical applications to start taking action. Don't just know how to be a man, actually go and do it! Thank you, too, for the generous shout out in Episode 211 as you interviewed my friend, mentor, and brother in Christ, Tim Spykstra.

Challenge and encouragement for every man

I’m in the stress bubble of life with a third baby recently born, new job, big move, health problems for my son, my wife, and myself all in the last year. This podcast has been exactly what I needed to hear. It challenges and encourages me to keep going, pursue God, and not rest on my rear end.

Jump in, get stoked, and surround yourself with godly men

In a world that falsely welcome’s timid, passive and weak men. This podcast is for men that want to be stirred up and encouraged to be who God wants them to be! On this podcast we have real godly seeking men who have been tested and are prepared to support, raise up and challenge men to action not just in the church but in their houses and every walk of there life. Huge shout out and thanks to Jim for making this a priority in all our lives as men. May we all seek to be a better representation of God and who He wants us to be! Get on here men!

Challenges your mind.

Great content in the passage. Being a missionary in South Africa, its a joy to hear men standing in the arena of life and being walls for their families. Listening to this podcast challenges me to go deeper in my relationship with God and pursue him with all that I am. I highly recommend this podcast to any man that needs some wisdom on how to put the next foot forward and stand strong.

A real and challenging podcast

This podcast motivates me so much to be a better man. There is a fire in my soul after I get done with each episode. My journey with God has grown and my relationships have changed for the better. What a blessing this podcast is.


Great show, although I wish you named it differently. I would like to send to my wife so she can listen but she isn’t going to get past the title. Great shows! Look forward to them.

Challenging, inspiring, convicting...uplifting! REAL!!

This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. As I strive to be what God has called me to, this God continues to use this podcast to reveal I’m not alone in ANY of my struggles. It amazes me how God speaks directly to what I need to hear through you guys. My wife has even listened to a few episodes!! This has been a huge help with our relationship. As a father of 4 boys, thank you for walking through the struggles, being faithful to what God called you to, and putting it in podcast format for our encouragement!! You guys ROCK!

Amazing podcast for all men

I’ve been addicted to this podcast for over a year. I’m excited that they have a shirt and one hour podcast each year. So if I’m having a busy week I can listen to the shirt one and save the hour podcast for times I have more available time. Jim and Dale are funny guys but get down to business when it comes to guiding and equipping men for the journey we all face. In the pursuit of following the example of the manliest man to ever walk the face of the earth these guys get the message across in a way we can all understand. No matter where we are in life this podcast nails it. The guests are always guys working hard and making it happen while sharing their failures too. Just imperfect guys that want to be better than they were the day before. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Great Podcast

I found the podcast about a month ago and listened to several episodes while traveling for work. The content of the podcasts is very uplifting and helpful. It’s encouraging to know other men are in the middle of the stress bubble and surviving. I have purchased Jim’s latest book and joined the Men in The Arena Facebook Page. I am now encouraging my sons to start listening. BTW, I too grew up listening to “Schoolhouse Rock” during Saturday morning cartoons! Keep up the great work, Larry Boyd

Great Podcast!

Been listening to this podcast a few months. Really enjoy it. Fun and thought provoking.

One of the best podcasts out there

This podcast is amazing. I love hearing all the different men that Jim and Dale interview. It has helped me look at myself and and want to become the best version of me. They talk about being a man and what that means in today’s world. Subscribe I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Excellent for every man

I’ve been listening to these podcasts for 4 months and they are great. It’s a must listen to for every Christian Man, it doesn’t matter if you are single, or married, a father or grandfather. You will enjoy this podcast.

Excellent Resource for Men

This podcast has been inspiring me to become a better man for the last six months. More than that, it has also given me resources to further pursue growing in the areas that I know I’m lacking in. Any man that wants to better himself and learn from real men doing real life will benefit from the Man Card Podcast.

Real Talk For Real Men

The Man Card is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to! Jim and his crew hit on some great subjects and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and real with their audience when it comes to being a great man for Christ. I can’t leave it out that their companion forum, the Men In the Arena on Facebook has a large group of men who are more than willing to get in there and grind it out!

Coach Jim!

This is a great podcast. I just found this today and I’m tearing through the past episodes. It couldn’t come at a better time. We were going through the process of becoming foster parents and we just found out today that we are getting two boys 9 and 10. We already have a 10 and 6 year old. This was such an encouragement. When I heard him say “grinding it out in the stress bubble of life” I can so relate. Also, Jim was my high school football coach. He is the real deal. He was tough but he was tough because he cared. He was and awesome example of a strong godly man. I knew he was doing the Great hunt for God but I didn’t realize he had a podcast. Thank you and Keep it up! Garrett Schooley

Real talk for real men

What a great podcast. These guys get it and they want pass it on to other men.

Stop.. Read the review of this podcast.

Are you having a struggle with the everyday dressers of life? Is life getting you down and feels like it is sitting on your shoulders? Then the Man card podcast is for you. It will help you step into the arena and fight and beat those stresses of life. Love this podcast. It has changed my outlook on leading my family and dealing with every situations.


Finally a podcast from men I can listen to! I'm so tired of the watered down, touchy feely shows and general attitude of the society we live in. You guys help keep my head in the arena, thank you.

Encourage Your Man

If your husband, son, brother, uncle, father.... you get the picture..... is looking for encouragement, accountability and real-life spiritual discussions about their walk with God, this podcast is a perfect hidden treasure. Share this with the men in your life, it will have an impact.

Great Podcast for equipping men!

I get challenged to be a better man every time I listen to this podcast!

Now More Than Ever

American men interested in taking their place as the leader of their family, community and country need fellowship of likeminded men. Jim helps close the gap between. It's understandable, entertaining and thought provoking.

Can't stop listening!

Love getting up in the morning, getting ready for the day, and hearing all these stories from local people. It really gives me something to think about instead of mindlessly listening to music.

What guys need!!!

A great pod cast that has real men talking about real men issues about family, leading and God!

Great Podcast!

I started listening to podcasts instead of music on my way to work! Jim's is something that will definitely be in my daily rotation!