April 20, 2023

Is It Time for You to Change Careers? How to Know w/ Trent Fisher EP 637

This week’s episode comes with a special giveaway! Our guest, Trent Fisher of Born and Raised Outdoors, is offering our listeners the chance to win one of 2 free “Cat Road Shuffle” elk call kits, valued at $174.89 each! Enter to win at ....

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This week’s episode comes with a special giveaway! Our guest, Trent Fisher of Born and Raised Outdoors, is offering our listeners the chance to win one of 2 free “Cat Road Shuffle” elk call kits, valued at $174.89 each! Enter to win at https://meninthearena.org/bro.
Do you like your work, love it, or dread going back to it? If you are dragging yourself in on Monday, maybe it’s time for a new path. This week, Trent Fisher of Born and Raised Outdoors joined Jim Ramos to talk about why it’s important to enjoy your work and how to transition into a career you love.
hey guys have you allowed your career path to Define who you are or have you
allowed who you are to Define your career path today we're going to
interview a guy who spent his first 30 years in the lumber industry and Then followed his passion to become an
entrepreneur so stay tuned in an army did you know that last year
our content reached over 7 million people in over 168 Nations you know hey
big numbers are fun but listen to this powerful comment we received from Matt who wrote this simply you guys changed
my life hey praise God for that remember every one of those seven million people represents a soul and a person God
deeply loves and this month you can help us reach people like Matt by partnering with our message to help men become
their best version when a man gets it everyone wins hey guys I'm super excited to bring my friend on today man this guy
I was just watching his videos this morning trying to learn more about bear hunting because I got a bear hunt in about three weeks here and this is my
friend Trent Fisher he lives in the on the Oregon coast near near Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Point Myrtle Beach Coos Bay Area yeah yeah sorry yeah yeah
you'd be with like a steroided out with a muscle shirt anyway he's been married to his beautiful wife Kendra for 20
years and he's a social media business owner and entrepreneur he owns a company
and man if you guys know these guys you will love these guys called Born and Raised Outdoors AKA bro he's got a wild
game company as well he loves the outdoors loves empowering people to get outside their boxes try something that
might make them feel uncomfortable you are gonna love this guy's heart I mean I just this guy here is the real deal I'm
super excited to get my buddy on Trent Fisher Trent how you doing man I'm doing awesome man I'm doing great I really
appreciate it I do Jim it's just uh yeah since we've met a long time ago it's been it's been cool to uh to be your
friend man well and the cool part is we met about I don't know five years ago and you were just starting like you were
just going full time with born and raised you had just launched I think Land of the Free 1.0 yeah
I think so yeah that was a transitional moment in in the life right that was uh
yeah scary you just look at your wife in the eyes and say honey we're gonna quit our job we've been doing for 18 years
and go to YouTube dude well seriously and you live in a
place where I don't know if half those people know YouTube you live in loggerland man you're like a you're you in fact you were a Timber guy weren't
you tell us about what you did before bro so yeah so I grew up all my life uh my whole family actually my dad cut
trees all his life and and so I kind of huh I kind of went into that right out
of high school I did firefighting for a while and uh fire science degree and everything and it just didn't turn out
to be something I wanted it just it was it was fun and I loved helping people but it was kind of a political ladder
that you had to climb in order to you know get the next step of that and
it was like yeah and you know how life catches you you know and the kids start to come and then it's like okay we gotta
make some serious coin here we can't play around and yeah and so the timber industry is automatic what I fell back
into and and um anyway so I cut I cut trees for 18 years I was my um had my
own business and everything uh you know and had a couple employees at the you know and you know at different times
through that and stuff and and um yeah but always hunting was always a
passion of mine the whole time so it was one of those things go ahead you got a
question well you just so so you were actually cutting the trees down like you were the guy felling following the trees
yeah so we were the first first ones into the unit so uh they lay out units
of that you that I'm sure people have if they haven't seen it in real life on television or something and you start at
the bottom of this unit the Steep Hill and you start cutting the trees down and bucking them into links for lumber for
making houses uh chips uh paper Etc you know and so that was we were the first
ones to show up that was the old motto we're the first ones to show up and the last ones to get paid so well so now from what I understand
what you did is in the timber Lumber industry that is maybe the toughest job of all of them because you're out there
you're the earliest guys in you would get up in the morning I'm guessing two in the morning 2 30 is pretty normal depending on the drive we just be there
at daylight so we would and I don't know if this is a it's it's kind of weird because it's like an Unwritten thing
right there's so many hours in the day why can't you work you know you could work from noon till we only work six
hours a day just because it is so strenuous so normal Timber fallers it was just a six hour day and by then
you're exhausted you know and ready to go home but I yeah I always ask that afterwards I'm like why do we why you
know Dad why do we start at daylight every day this is that's just kind of what we do that's what we do so it's
like okay so and uh yeah start at daylight and get your six hours in and
you know your home middle of the day it was a lot of times I was home you know in time to pick up the kids from school
and stuff like that so that was kind of nice as far as an hour wise but it was it's it's hard on your body
um yeah broke my shoulder broke my collarbone I broke my shoulder blade uh broke my nose broke you know there's
different different things to it's just a really dangerous profession and um yeah it was but but man it was I really
enjoyed it the Solitude of just being out in the woods I look back at it now with what I'm doing you know and I just
kind of go wow that was it would be so nice to just go pick up the saw and just
be your own you know what happens is all on you right yeah so
I I know guys that own companies here and they're death is very common and so you've had
broken bones and and here's the other thing people don't realize where you're cutting Timber you're on the Oregon
coast so you're cutting timber in the rain I mean it's not like it's not like
you're on this uh flat slope and you're on the Steep the the Oregon coast is very Steep and rugged and wet yes it is
not an easy life there's a reason the trees grow so well right yeah for sure
so how old are you I'm 42 now so 42 and congratulations on 20 years man that's
super cool and so I appreciate it so at what point so Bro you've got born and
raised videos guys listen if you love to hunt these guys let me tell you something about Trent will never tell you this but these guys hunt public land
do it yourself over the counter and and honestly they've they've mastered it so
everything they do is is I think everything you do is public land over the counter do it yourself mostly you
say public land Public Access yeah well when I when I talk about Timberlands I'm thinking that's I call that in Oregon I
would call that public land although they're making you pay now and do different things you're not wrong yeah but you guys but you guys are are really
offer great resources and you're what resonated with me Trent is I'm watching you guys kill animals because you love
to hunt and you love to be with your guys and having this massive rack is is
great but you don't go for that in fact I watched you on on YouTube kill your first ever six point bull in Wyoming
yeah yeah yeah no that was and that was just because that's the one that came in right exactly it was it it wasn't
because I was trophy hunting or uh you know I guess trophy hunting is a term that gets thrown around Loosely but yeah
it's no we we're very opportunistic um and and to harvest a you know a
Roosevelt elk is not an easy task I don't care if it's a bull a cow whatever it may be it's it's not super easy and
that was our goal when we started we just wanted to we all had jobs there was uh five of us at the time and we all had
jobs and regularly you know it wasn't jumped into this and
said they were gonna just make a living off a hunting that didn't happen until years and years and years later but
um let's see if we can't film can you repeat that part where you started with
five of you because your your your internet is glitching oh yeah so if you
could just go back to where we started with Five Guys okay yeah so we had five guys and it was just one of those things
where it was like we wanted to not a lot of people that filmed Roosevelt elk hunting successfully so it was like
let's try this thing and we learned how hard it actually was yeah we got uh that
very first year we made our DVD out of it and we hunted all season long and didn't shoot anything and we're talking
a month a whole month of September and that was after work every day we hunted every day after work and then every
weekend and then the last three days we killed four elk in three hit in three days yeah and we and we tagged out we
all killed elk on those last few days so we called the DVD tagged out and that was just some old school stuff I've seen
those yeah yeah the old Predator camo oh man yeah yeah your face paint has to
match everything's got to match all the way down you know just I mean half of it was how you looked it didn't matter if
you hunted right or not you know well I'll tell you what I've just started hunting Roosevelts with the boys and uh
so it's brutal I mean Darby called my middle son killed a bull into 16 yards
and the guy missed it by two feet and they ended up did they ended up killing a bull and then James and I had one at
40 looking straight at us but it didn't work out for us but we just offered but I mean and and with the
tax system in Oregon now the way they're doing it's just it's changing the coast a little bit and with you guys you're in
three-point or better land on you've got a million guys out there it looks like it is yeah there's a lot of people so so
you started doing what year did you do your first DVD tagged out so that was 2007. oh gosh yeah so you've been making
videos since 07 while you all worked full-time and your brother's a dentist correct and Cody what does Cody do
he's full-time born and raised Outdoors just me and him are full-time born and raised Outdoors what was he doing back then
he was actually working building boats at North River boats oh I remember that and what about Steve what was he doing
Steve's been a plumber the whole time Steve's always uh he's still a plumber to this day uh has a very very
successful business doing that so you guys are out there in 07 hunting because you love it you're making videos at what
point it wasn't too long ago at what point did you say you know what we're gonna you know you know you and Cody the
guys don't know this Cody you and Cody are married to Twin Sisters correct so you and Cody have the connection there
at what point did you guys decide you know because this is 07 so we're talking down the road maybe 10 years later you
decide let's go full time tell us that story yeah that was even later than that oh
this was only about yeah about four and a half five years ago we um we decided
let's just try this it was uh what was it 2019 something like that yeah man the
time flies isn't it yeah it must have been that's when you were on my podcast last yeah it was a while so and then we
just decided hey let's go there's this uh a big trade Association it's called the archery ATA the archery trade
Association and uh it's in um it's usually in Louisville and this year it was in Minneapolis or something like
that and so we we went to that and that was like okay we got to get sponsors right that's the goal we need to pay for
this we've got this idea and our idea was let's do this whole thing we'll call it land of the free anybody that you
know kind of that anybody can do this kind of thing we're gonna go and we're gonna hunt five states in 50 days 10
days per state the whole month of September and the first week of October and see how this thing rolls and so we
go to the archery Association we set up all these meetings with Hoyt with um with uh first light with all these big
big sponsors right would go into that and go into the meeting and it was
pretty uh it was a God's blessing because not one not one outfit not one
sponsor said no oh one of them said yes yeah it was crazy really really crazy
well in that and that Land of the Free you guys did pretty good that I meant Oregon you killed like five Bulls just
in Oregon I think we did yeah we did I think that year we I think we shot 12 12
or 13 elk that year it was uh one of our best years we've ever had honestly other than this last year but it was just
unbelievable as far as the support that we had to go into that and then and just
you know right then so like we're planning you know how it all goes you plan it out you're trying to get all the
logistics for because we were meeting companies that was our whole thing in this is to collaborate with other
companies in each state so everything had to be all logistically planned out
you got to a state and all that other company was there whether it been Phelps
game calls or um EXO Mountain packs we had them on one hunt and then all five different states
we had a different influencer that that was our goal is to just use their kind of the the following they already had
and then collab off of them to build our to build our uh followers right out of the gate and it was the year one was uh
amazing it was God's blessing to anybody it was amazing well I remember talking
to you in 19 I said how are you going to make your money and you said we're going to sell shirts and hats and I went oh you poor guy but you guys you guys have
done it we've actually went down to your factory and we've met with your people down there and it's just really it's
really cool to see what God is doing to to bless you guys tell us just and I I know you would never do this because I
know your personality you're you're a humble guy and you're a giver but tell us about your following right now I know YouTube because I was on YouTube this
morning uh for my own personal selfishness learning how to shoot bears but you have 225 thousand like engaged
followers they're just not average they're just engaged followers on on YouTube what about your rest of your
following how big is your following right now I have no clue I mean you're asking me yeah
I have a whole team that are just amazing amazing people uh that we have
that uh you know kind of manage that side and everything I do the content I do uh over at the warehouse like you're
saying where you're getting your shirts and stuff done uh I do that side of things and uh I I you know I there's a
lot of uh Instagram and Facebook and all of it it's a huge I mean it takes a village right to oh you do this whole
thing and it's crazy but I the one thing I will say that I do know for a fact is
is uh looking at some of the other of the other channels uh hunting channels
maybe and and just over the channels on YouTube that it's our following is unbelievably positive yeah unbelievable
positive it's it's amazing how there's it's a swamp out there man I'm not kidding you there can you can get in
some real stuff on YouTube and and in these forums and stuff and it has been we've been super blessed with the
Positive the positivity around us has been pretty awesome well I'll just speak personally you know I'm a 57 year old
guy so you're you're guys the guys that are you know you guys are young 40 guys you know and then your kids are now
involved in it but what really drew me to you guys was first of all you're hunting what I would call public land do it
yourself I know Timber companies part of that but in Oregon that's kind of a public land thing and then
um and then you guys have a Brotherhood I I've noticed a lot of guys and they hunt together it's a competition and if
you kill a bigger Buck I'm gonna have a tantrum I just love the fact that you guys celebrate together and so so when
you think of Born and Raised outdoors and your acrostic is bro it it really that that acrostic is Way Beyond uh born
and raised Outdoors right you want to talk about that it is man it's it is
when it it all you know even like you mentioned like when we just first started you know it was a
hope and a prayer as far as Trevor took a school loan out to buy our first camera so yeah we kind of indulged on
his loan so we could afford our first camera that we bought and uh it's but that just shows those like you know
we're all in all for one kind of a thing and it's it's been that way and we would rather I honestly I've put my bow down
and a gun I didn't hunt for two years uh this last two years yep I noticed um I I
just I I just I enjoy people and taking people and and seeing people's reactions
and and doing that so much that I'm just like it's it fulfills me enough to where
I don't have to it's not about taking a life or anything it's about being out there in the outdoors and and that's
that's to me is the best thing but after a while you run out of meat that way well I I watched I think it was Land of
the Free 5.0 the one that's this year 4.0 yeah yeah and you kill the bull and
remember you made a comment this is the first thing I've killed in almost three years I thought wow so yeah but that
speaks after selflessness after a while mama says uh we need some food get back out get back on that horse I
hear you well you know so I've got a guy that ran into you in Spokane Washington and he was really impressed and he's
starting kind of starting a thing and then we've got another mutual friend in Coos Bay who's kind of starting a thing
there's a lot of guys out there that are starting their own YouTube channels and there's a there's the phrase there's a
phrase being used today that we didn't use a lot when I was growing up and it's this word entrepreneur
yeah and so a lot of guys and we have our world's become very small with uh digital marketing and and with the
social media platforms what would you say to uh so what would you say to a young guy who's wanting to become an
entrepreneur what what are some tips that you would give him from the kind of the blood and guts of what you've learned
um I can't even spell entrepreneurs so well I can't either I think there's an E before a u
so I think so I before E or something like that um no um so I've had that I
it's been so awesome and uh that I've I can actually I have a couple different people about three different groups now
that I I had mentors a super strong word but you know kind of help out and and
you know talk to and we have a meeting once every quarter or so and and anyway it's it's just super fun a lot of them
are military based uh guys that are wanting to get into doing something but I I just Jim I'll be totally honest with
you man it is hard I mean to get started now in it you have to I've always said
this too as far as in the YouTube space if you have something that somebody likes I don't care if you are if you
like to crochet or knit stuff or whatever it may be if you do that every day and you post a video about it every
day every day and people can see that life you I guarantee you you will become
rich from it by that I mean either you will be fulfilled you know yourself or
it will be a financial thing for you if you stick to it but it's so hard to tell
kids these days and and people to just be like no just stick with it just keep posting keep posting keep posting and
you've seen it too Jim I'm sure as far as what you're doing as well it's just like man where is the traction when is
this going to actually pay off right well I'll tell you what for us bro I mean I see your wife back there working
and uh you know our wives are champions the wife is the unspoke Unseen hero of
the entrepreneur because when we launched our ministry uh you know a month later we got the white letters
coming in the mail and then the yellow letters and then the pink letters and then the phone calls and our house is
going into foreclosure and you know people think oh I'm just gonna do this I'm going to call myself an entrepreneur and be rich and it's it's Blood and Guts
and if marriages suffer and things suffer and if if these guys aren't willing to go all in but see here's the
thing about what you guys did that I thought was really smart and I think you really speak to this you started videoing in 07 but you weren't all in
until 20 or until 19 or 20. so so talk about that there I think there's a and
then and then um yeah uh what's his name the money guy a Financial Peace University I'm sorry Dave Ramsey Dave
Ramsey wrote a book called Entre leadership and he talks about this transition from your day job into your
entrepreneur uh create creation so talk to us about that that process what would
you say these entrepreneur guys that are wanting to transition but they've got a day job they work at a post office or
they uh pump gas or or they are in the construction industry what would you say
to them about when when to move Beyond the day job and into that full-time mode
so it's very difficult as far as advice wise um but what like what we did uh that we
were we were blessed we had kind of a leg up as all those years we hunt it right yeah and so what what happened was
we just stockpiled film we put them on DVDs but a DVD you have to give that to
the store they have to buy it they have to wholesale it all this when you go social media and you go youtube-wise
it's for the world to see yeah so what I did right off the bat is cut up every
single hunt and in the DVDs and then put them on YouTube and so we kind of have a
library when we went into it so it wasn't just like these guys are new to the scene you know it wasn't like that
at all we had we had a little bit of a library already built up to where who are these guys oh my goodness they have
you know already 50 videos or whatever you know and so that helped a lot to
just try to because just coming on the scene now and just trying to I I think we we use the term loosely but
you know sometimes it takes a quote unquote viral video right to really get that exposure to be like okay wow this
is there's eyeballs on what I'm doing now hopefully they go to the source and and keep on viewing the content but it's
just it's a tough deal man it's a lot of the people that I'm talking to now I think when we started I would say Jim
like it was YouTube was the hunting space was pretty new to YouTube and uh
it was you know you go to the sponsors and they're looking at you like Okay YouTube uh yeah I don't know we want to
do television you know we're still wanting to run television stuff and it's like you know well we got these things
on the Outdoor Channel and we did that we had a a channel we actually had our show on the Sportsman's Channel and it
just it was it did not pay off it cost us a boatload of money and it didn't pay for us at all and so we just went with
the YouTube oh and we kind of got into it it was
when everybody was like yeah okay we see that you know and did I did I glitch
that can you start with we went to the YouTube model and go because you're yeah just yeah that's all
right I think it's like every yeah every once in a while it's not a big deal yeah that Mouse that's running back in Myrtle
Point here on the on the treadmill kind of gets stopping every once in a while no uh yeah so then we went to YouTube
and um and then you know it was just like a new thing at the time and so just
kind of getting that traction and getting that going uh was a big jump start for us it really was like I
starting out right now with no content trying to just be you know uh man it
would be tough it would be really tough well and I think this is part of the this younger generation you know you're you would be are you a millennial would
you put yourself in that group no you're using buddy you're about you're in the bustard you're in my generation okay a
year no I'm not sure you're funny I missed the Boomers by year I'm like yes I'm not a boomer but we're all like that
right but but what I'm saying is as the generations come through they're bringing different things and with this younger generation we have the
Millennials and the Gen ziers you know I think the mistake they make is they want it and they want it now and what you're
saying is there was a grind of seven six or seven years no 10 to 12 years where
you're just grinding and you're uh to to put it into modern terms you're creating
content without a lot of payoff back right there there is a transition a 27 or 28
year old guy can't just jump right into this there is a transition there is a a an element of of building content and
you made a comment to me when I was visiting you guys about a year year and a half ago you might you probably don't
remember this trend but it impacted me you said here's what I here's what I tell people give give give give ask can
you talk to us about this giving mentality and how that's positively affected you as an entrepreneur it's
been it's been huge Staple in in our life and kind of in our business model honestly it's just it's it's that whole
thing of uh just you know if you give enough like all our content's free everything is free and we try to break
down our mistakes that's the biggest thing is admitting when you do something wrong and learning from it obviously and
then showing it to the world and being like this is what I think went wrong in this last scenario or this last hunt or
in my life yes you know and then and then it going forward and then you know people get valued by that people people
love I think like to see people vulnerable right and then and then you
know that that the benefit to the whole thing at the end is just okay guys I gave all this stuff and hopefully
acknowledge and hopefully it helped you out you know and and breaking down those barriers for you and then you asked them
to you know support me by buying a shirt or a hat or uh some calls or whatever it
may be so that that's been our kind of a motto and and it's really it's worked for us pretty well well when we went
down and visited you you gave me this hat it's my favorite hat and so uh you're a great Giver in fact you
actually came on the show and you actually want to give again tell us about what you want to give our guys one of our one of our guys do it we're not
going to give it to all of our guys tell us what you want to give to our guys and I'll tell our guys how they can get it I
thought your audience was bigger than that but uh yeah it's just me and my kids man
they're gonna make out like Bandits oh yeah it's gonna be a good Easter yeah it will be it will be so um no let's give
away to uh cat Road shuffles we call them so it'll be elk hunting uh everything you need from a bugle tube to
all the Reed leads to external cow call all that stuff Let's uh let's give that uh give a couple of those away hey dude
I didn't know you're doing two man okay so two wow see again now I will say this Trent I am a blue Reed guy okay I'm the
blue Reed guy so I'm in love with the blue read I'm not a yellow or a black Reed guy I'm a blue Reed guy so if you
guys uh go to men in thearena.org slash bro you can enter our contest to win and
once that podcast goes live after once our podcast goes live this will be up and going and uh we'll let you guys know
you'll be able to see it right there on the page be super easy so Trent thanks so much buddy I mean I'm looking at a
hat press that we have from you guys I mean I mean we collaborate a lot you're
you're the guy that makes your shirts makes my shirts I mean there's a lot of collaboration it all just comes back
from you uh give give so when I when it's time for me to buy a bugle tube oh
this actually happened about a year ago I'm like I'm going to born and raised I just I'm going to Born and Raised
because and now you okay I'm gonna stop here now you're doing something pretty cool because you hired one of the best
duck callers in the world yeah you started it's a lot easier that way yeah
no but you you've or you actually started a duck and Goose call company do you want to tell us a little bit about that it's all part of our uh born and
raised uh call Co so it's just a it's just a you know a side version we just did Duck and and we have the elk side
and then now the duck and the goose side and you know more about waterfowl than all everyone uh you know I don't I'm not
a huge waterfowl guy I go out and I do it with the guys but the guys that uh Eric Strand and Cody Kellum they're uh
the hardcore man those guys yeah I went out with them three days or four days this year I went over to Baker City and
did some different things yeah every day we crushed we shot limits every single day it was crazy it's just really cool
and and the calls that Eric is putting out through your company they're just top-notch calls and I think you guys are
doing acrylics right acrylics mostly acrylics oh we have coca-bola we have acrylics we have wooden one I don't we
got there's a bunch of them as far as yeah there's a lot of different uh different kinds and colors that's the
whole thing about duck calls that you notice they're the most beautiful things I mean some of them are ivory and orange
and these Pearl looks and everything and stuff and in the elk Woods they're just kind of blase you know orange or yellow
no I hear you no I I really hear it so you know I'm talking about you know I've seen you guys
I'm trying to help these younger guys that are being on want to be entrepreneurs so sure you're a guy who
uh was born and raised in the outdoors obviously but you were born and raised in Timber country you're actually a guy
that was hired to cut timber down so you're out there chopping down trees
I always tell young guys build your career on who you are not the other way
around a lot of times guys go into a career because it's what they have to do and so you got to a point where you it
seems to me like you got to a point where you said I I'm cutting Timber it's bringing in the dollars it's supporting
the family but who I am is this this other thing this is what I'm deeply passionate about can you speak to these
younger guys about building their life around a passion versus instead of uh
something that they feel like they have to do yeah that's the question I probably get more than almost anything
it's it's number one is what Broadhead do you use the other one is was turning
your passion into your living yes is what is that and I get that all the time and it's like you know I don't think of
it as that when it turns into a job or when it turns into something that's really really you know
painstaking and you don't want to you're obviously doing it wrong or you're you need you need to move you need to or
something else and and I won't say that hasn't been the case a couple different times where it's like oh man this is kind of getting monotonous how can I
switch this thing up in order to get back to where it's uh you know something that I'm really passionate about and I I
think it's just in business right um there's different facets there's
different like like I said first I run you know like the warehouse side of things I love people I love going over
and interacting with people so okay that's something I want to do did I ever think that I was going to do that when I started filming hunting no I didn't and
so it's just one of those things where I think I've just kind of morphed around kind of back and forth of and molded
into okay what suits me and what do I really have passion for and when you get into so many facets like we do with the
call company and all the uh everything that we have going on the content everything there's there's room for
places for you know for you to to slide this way or that to actually be more
happy I would say in certain things like I yeah putting together a website probably not the guy probably not the
guy to do that stuff like that preach it brother well you know but there's a you went through a period of time where you
paid your dues in fact probably the first couple decades of your life you're paying this is important to hear guys paying your dues and then and then as
you're paying your dues I think part of understanding your passion is when you're paying your dues you do learn
what you hate and what you're not good at right and then you find this passion that the one thing that we haven't
talked about we've we've kind of went around the bush here but I want to talk to you about this because I think this
for me personally because I'm your friend but I'm a I'm one of your followers
so I'm I'm a guy who's following you guys right so so for a guy who follows
you I I'm there's a lot of hunting guys out there in fact I get a couple magazine subscriptions and if I'm so
sick and tired of old Rich fat guys killing giant animals because they paid twenty thousand dollars for covers tag I
I'm like where is the DIY guys and so when I saw your guys you did the DIY you
did archery you do archery and rifle but archery Roosevelt elk I've never killed a Roosevelt elk so I'm like okay
Roosevelt elk archery public land and then you had a Brotherhood and the
Brotherhood that I'm trying to create is with my children right I'm trying to create as they are adults and I'm trying
to draw them in as adults so you you really did something I don't even know you've got to know you did this you have
a real cool niche it's right don't you think yeah yeah no I totally yeah sell
that to the guys sitting in my driveway when I leave to go hunting in the morning oh man well you've got a cool Niche man
I mean so talk to these guys about these guys that want to be entrepreneurs earlier you said if it's your if it's knitting post something about knitting
every day so talk to these guys about finding the niche I won't say the word Niche it sounds too
French so it does sound French um man and it could be in anything it
doesn't have to be YouTube it doesn't have to be I think I think happiness in life is is is changing all the time you
know I I think I I would hope even for you like you know yeah with uh being a
pastor and and and the different ways that you influence people in the different ways that you go about it it's
um man happiness is tough it's sometimes tough especially with uh the way things
are and family and all those things and you have to be a provider and you have to you know you have kids or I have kids
now and teenage kids and that develops different as far as okay the needs for them develop different than when they're
when they're young and it just it's always morphing and always changing and keeping up with that is is an
ever-changing thing I would say and um man as far as to answer what is that
secret or secret to happiness I you know man it's it's difficult it's everybody's
different and I yeah I'm I'm changing all the time I've noticed lately too as
far as just like I'm slowing down as far as I used to be the and I'm not talking physically well I am talking physically
probably but I'm just talking I think about things more I you know I'm not so quick to respond anymore and I you know
stuff like that it's just like wow I wouldn't you know years past I would have just been like oh yeah this that
and the other and now I'm I'm really like I'm trying to go from you know try to become wiser about that well you know
it's interesting because I've got a guy who is a division one college football
player he won what was the equivalent to the Heisman trophy for S FSM FSS so he
was at Eastern Washington University he's just a phenomenal human being and he's he wants to start a he's in the
construction business industry right now but he wants to start a hunting organization and filming his hunts and
so I I I put him in in touch with Cody Bales who's a mutual friend because just
have them collaborate absolutely but when he shared his logo in the name of his company with me I asked him this
question I said what are you gonna do that's different than born and raised
hushin Eastman's you know down the road right what are
you gonna do to create a following that's completely unique to your niche what would you how would you answer how
what would you say how would you answer that or what would you say to that guy how did this guy figure out the niche
part of it and and you mentioned it before we got pretty fortunate where you know we the
niche was it hadn't been you know the Roosevelt hunting side of things and so that was kind of our Niche right and so
we kind of fell into that um but that is a that it's a great question as well it's just like what are
you doing different than uh every single person out there the first thing I tell everybody is you know there is a passion
there is a dream you have this whole thing in your your fire ready to go do it but write that down and write down
why you know what are your pillars and so and and everybody steps back like well no Trent I want to go film I'm
gonna I'm gonna I'm kick butt at filming I'm doing the trip you don't even know okay I can and I said okay yeah but what
are your pillars what do you want to do so our pillars are as
um to educate entertain and inspire people so if we make a if we're making a video
that holds one of those pillars in it that's a video we're gonna post but if it's just something out there willy-nilly and we've had it before to
where it's like it doesn't it any of those what did we do here we just scrap it and move on yeah so I think having
that direction is very important because I think especially in the YouTube or the social media world where you know
everybody's swiping on their phone just going to the next thing it's that instant gratification thing it's like
you need to sit down I think and just I would tell those people what do you really want like what are you trying to
do here well I'm trying to kill deer trying I'm trying to kill a whitetail deer okay cool well what do you wanting
to do about that yes well I'm just going to show them I'm going to kill deer that's you know I'm going to be famous for killing deer well okay no no that's
not the way this thing works yeah you're right that's not how it works bro back it up and say okay what do I want
to do I want to teach people how to kill deer and and say okay this is my stand location this is where the wind's coming
from that's why I'm hunting over here today what do you want to do there is that the educational side is it just the
entertainment pure entertainment of I'm a goofball and I you know there's those guys out there too you know so I I think
it's just showing to people like okay where are you at not just I want to go out and kill deer and that's why I tell
everybody okay A business plan right off the bat you gotta have a plan I was laughing because she said entertainment
I'm like oh that's where Trevor and Steve come in I mean if Steve gets any more wound up I'm like dude you wind
that guy up holy cow and then Trevor is just Trevor just cracks me up because he's your brother red that guy can I
don't think I've seen a guy shoot a bow like that like that guy can shoot a bow and he's just it just always happened
but they're just hilarious to watch right where Cody's more thoughtful he's more the educator and you're kind of the
inspiring guy like when you come on I'm like all right I'm gonna get well you don't think so but like when Wyatt your
son quiet how old is Wyatt Wyatt's uh he'll be 17 here in just just a couple
days so when Wyatt killed his bull last year tell us about that you're in the truck you're not with him you're in the
truck on a hunt somewhere else his group kills a bull and that moment was inspiring to me it was tough I'm not
gonna lie it was tough because I wasn't there but at the same time I think as a parent I think it's this is
going to sound really weird but it was good that I was a little bit just because of the simple fact that he's trying to prove himself I I took him
last year and I said you're not allowed to kill an elk unless it's with me and so he had a Muzzleloader tag and anyway
and he shot his elk and everything it was really awesome and great but it was more for me probably than yeah honestly
you know shot his first out but and then this year he he does have friends and I I really wanted you know to be with him
that's why I hunted with him for the first week of season until he had school and then I got shipped off on another
hunt because I have to keep this thing rolling you know and then he calls and says Dad I just shot one and it was just
like just uh water works oh yeah well I mean that's inspiring though because it tells it tells the guys listening right one
you love your kid two you're supporting your kid three you're not being this
soft bulldozer dad you're challenging your kid you know what I mean and you're there's an emotive element to our
relationship with our children right and so it was just I mean but that's that's what you do man you inspire so that was
really good so so here's one of the things that Drew me to you is uh when I first watched your show
you guys I never heard of you I I was typing in archery Roosevelt elk and then
Land of the Free popped up like who the who are these guys and the first scene is you guys huddled
praying yeah yeah I thought whoa what the what so to me that was Niche to me
like yeah what that they're praying and I realize you're kind of the leader of the flock there like I kind of gathered
like you're The Shepherd of the guys so how do you but but now you're I'll be
honestly a Trent I told my son Darby today my middle son I said hey I'm going I got Trent Fisher coming on what would
you what what he what you know Tre you know I've got these guys going you know Trent Fisher I mean you're you're kind
of you're kind of like famous in the redneck land right there so so yeah all
my city friends never heard of you they hate you anyway but how do you how do you in the midst of a growing business
in the midst of it being an entrepreneur in the midst of a hunting organization that takes you away for a couple months
in the fall you know the whole football widows type of thing whether the hunting widows as well you know how do you in
the midst of all of that keep Jesus first yeah that's it's always tough too
especially on the social media side yes you know what I mean um I I just always I grew up in the
church I grew up um Christian School eight years of my life until I went I wanted to play
football so bad that I went to a public school yeah yeah yeah so
um but uh but no it's always been a background my parents are huge um uh big big pushers for me and they're
just great people but um yeah I I just prayed before hunts and not all of them
not all of them by any means I kind of feel out the group I kind of feel you know because it's yeah and the big thing
is is I don't want people to feel uncomfortable so I don't just be like hey fold your hands yeah totally yeah so but my own my own crew that you
know they're they know it's gonna happen and I think it's important it's amazing the response I will say that it is
amazing the response that I've had from people the emails because I handle all the email side of Born and Raised
outdoors and so it just uh I've been offered to speak at I don't know how many dozen churches and I'm I think I've
talked with you about this yeah you're like I don't do that I'm not there yet
there's an emotional side that I would just it wouldn't work I just sit up there and cry and blubber and I just
wouldn't work I don't think so so well but you know so one of the things I've seen Trent I know you've seen this man I
I've seen uh quote Fame I've seen uh wealth I've seen that ruin guys who were once
really solid guys how do you how do you and stay centered
how how do you do that in the midst of is your wife kind of keeping you in alignment do you have people in your
life you know what what are you doing to keep you grounded yeah no my wife is uh
definitely one of those pillars for me definitely as far as just just a rock star and that definitely I I've never
really felt like the fame though or anything it's amazing like at shows and stuff there'll be a line of people just
to shake your hand and take a picture or something and it's it's crazy to me because it's like I'm just a Timber follower
you know people probably don't even but that's where I'm just talking to everybody you know these people and
saying guys you know all I did was grab a video camera and went and film my Adventures that's all I did that's all
we did we it's not like we had any secret stuff it's not like we had you know some you know it's that's what we
did we had a passion and we and we and we strove for it and did it you know so anybody that's where I just say anybody
anybody can do it I mean it's yeah my wife right now you can see her she's painting she's painting every single
read all those uh external calls so she paints them all to where it says born there is no off season that's oh yeah
she puts all the calls together like she's doing the stencil work on the calls yeah those are tiny so that's
tight yeah oh yeah yeah tell her to be very careful with the blue ones okay
but you know what I mean it's just like it's a family it takes it takes a village to to do all this it's not like
it's just uh yeah there's no real fame or anything like that it's still hard work so that's what I want to talk about
next so you're in this is what I think a lot of guys miss you're an entrepreneur my wife
was my CFO right my son Colton was my kids travel with me and do my sell my displays
everywhere I go my kids will come one of my kids comes you've got Wyatt doing stuff out there you've got your wife
stenciling I mean if those calls are only this big so she's stenciling the
calls talk about the entrepreneur and how important his family is in the journey and how how vital is that he
doesn't leave them behind it's kind of like where we are right now with the company right
um you know you can either get it done in-house for a certain amount of money or you can go overseas and all the pain
of that and get it for cheaper but then you're taking jobs away right so that's
it's honestly it's it's where there's a lot of Truth to like where we are you know as far as like okay I would rather
have you know people have jobs just like I have a job and and and that's prideful
to me super super prideful yeah to me and very very important and so and and
then it's taking care of those people that's the biggest thing is like making sure they're okay and making sure that you know they've got what they need and
it's a great example like Cody Bales and stuff dude when he started that the
teacher that makes all your t-shirts yeah that yeah we had this idea and he's just like what if I did this we're like
let's do it let's rock and roll and now it's up and running and it's so awesome so awesome so that guy yeah that guy
that guy's a killer he can't see to hunt past the first day of the Season no no that guy's legit and Robin and Robin
what a wonderful the same way but see you've got two people working in the warehouse together and the husband and wife you know working there I mean
you've got a great uh you know the family is very important to your organization
and you and you and Cody are connected by twin sisters that you married and then your brother Trevor he's a
full-time dentist but he's he's a guy in your minister your thing and I would bet you you and that you and St you were
trying you were probably Barry and Steve in this kitty litter box at kindergarten you probably go that far back
you know we when after me and Steve became friends it's been like you know best friends ever since he's he's great
well it's funny we have guys up here four hours away that know Stephen man he is uh he's he's a famous personality man
he's just everybody everybody loves that guy so just really oh yeah he's famous in McMinnville are you kidding me yeah
so yeah so no he's famous up here there's a couple guys that that are connected to him down there and they're like man that guy can't even drive down
the street it's so funny so so I want to ask one last question we're running out of time so I talked about Wyatt a little
bit yeah so you are a I would say a family owned business
and and you've got and your kids are coming to that place now where they're entering the teen years have you and
Cody had conversations about bringing transitioning the kids into
this Inner Circle is that or are you are they going to create their own little teams within the born and raised guys
what are you guys doing there that's a great question and I I don't know I've
been very uh I've been protective I would say yes media social media can be so so brutal
so brutal and brutal and it just Man kids are not
old enough at times in my opinion you know to deal with a lot of that stuff that's going on it's just there is so
much things out there and so I've been very um uh just really guarded on how that all
happens and because I mean it's super easy that I I go back to this one hunt why I took him uh his first time ever
going my first time either back East really uh and we did a goose a snow goose hunt and um anyway he was what was
he I bet he was 12 years old or something and anyway well he shot we're using 12 gauges and he shot a gun and it
kind of came out of his front hand a little bit yeah yep it's happened to us it's happened you know you know and it
was just there was a few comments I I didn't realize it at the time because I wasn't filming it and everything anyway
and man it was just like they ripped on me you know what kind of parenting is
that the kid couldn't even handle the front of the gun and it was only a couple comments but it got me to think wow it's brutal out there and these kids
aren't old enough I mean you're 12 years old you're not gonna be yeah it's old enough to like really you know handle
something like that so that was the first startup to me is like okay I need to be very very cognizant of what I'm
doing here of how much I'm putting my kids especially like my daughter online there's just just this world is a really
really you know can be a really mean place and so I just I've been really
really uh toying with that um but I want him to do whatever he wants to do uh as you know he go I don't
want to just say hey this business you know you're just going to come into the family YouTube business I don't even know if that's a real yeah for sure
but you know I wanted to do what he wants to do but I think it's good for us as parents man to just be very uh very
steadfast and and not not allowing everything to just be open season you know it's just ah kids are fragile and I
just do not want to see something bad you know well what you're saying which I I resonate with is as as men we are
Protectors of the family yeah I mean that's how God has made us we're protectors and so you've got to be
careful when you have now he's a 17 year old young man you need to protect him you know what I mean I mean even with
that elk that elk deal he hit that elk and then his buddy shot the elk so the elk got hit twice correct so I don't
know how good Wyatt's shot was because I didn't see the shot I really don't care I just like the dead animal the celebration but you can see some
jackweed out there going oh well you need a second shot you had the wrong angle blah blah blah blah you know guys
you're just brutal and I think a lot of it stems out of jealousy quite frankly a thousand percent you know it's like
little guys behind a screen yep it's a keyboard Cowboy yeah it's just it's just one of the things that
doesn't produce anything positive you know when you go down that road it just doesn't and it just I tried to like
prevent as much of that as I can um but there's going to be a time where he's you know it's almost getting up to
18 years old you know and I do believe if I haven't done my job and raised him good enough by the time he's 18 then
I've failed you know so I hear you so here one last question we're running out of time here one last question is this
so you're you're Pat this is your passion I mean people have asked me so is this been in the rain is it a hunting
thing because all you do is talk about hunting or you know I go no I'm just a guy who loves to hunt yeah so we hunt
because it's our passion because it brings life and fulfillment to us
so a guy who's either pursuing hunting as an entrepreneur or a guy who has a
hobby maybe his hobby is golf maybe it's fishing maybe it's uh fixing cars maybe
it's tennis I don't know at what point would you say the guy is
out of balance where where does a guy find the balance between his passion and
being responsible for protecting his family and being the man that God has called him to be
that's a if you were to ask my wife that question um no it's it's it's very difficult the
more I the more I actually am gone the more I want to be home now so I've yeah you know when I mentioned the land of
the free I did those 50 that took me 53 days to do that project and honestly I
just man I I like being home now more than anything and so I plan my stuff and short bursts and everything but you know
for the guy that's out there that's just like trying to trying to you know Chase his passion and
everything I think it's for one I think as as men we have to communicate we when
we're not very good at it we're not I mean we're it doesn't seem like it anyway or else I'm told that a lot of
times like you planned you planned what yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I planned it two months ago no it's uh
it's communication and um and just keeping that line of communication open I I you know with my uh occupation I
have to be gone to do these things and stuff and it's easy to just go well that's that's just your fun time you
know and it's like it's still it is still working everybody's job hopefully is their fun time one you know at some
point so yeah there's definitely cross over there definitely but um but yeah it's it just comes down to just
communication with your significant other and if it's your passion and it it's it's something that you want to do
and something that you want to pursue again I would go back to the whole thing of why are you doing it yes what's your
why yeah what's your why is huge you know well that's so good man hey it Tran
it's always good to hang out with you bro I'm gonna tell you so I'm gonna put something out for you if you're hunting bear and you're in my little area here
in mid-may no listen to me no you're I'll let you hunt there but okay what I was gonna tell you is let me buy you
lunch at Arlene's okay I'll buy you lunch at Arlington better yet all right no I won't buy you lunch I'll buy you
breakfast so then we can go hunt afterwards so uh we don't want to ruin a good bear hunt with lunch that's exactly
right you got to still hike around so I will end with this story what my son was hunting in the same area where we're at
right and uh he was hunting alone he's hunting on a pad up there glassing off a pad and he had the the hair on his neck
started to stand up straight and he had a he had a mountain lion 10 yards away from the stocking no kidding and then
once I saw him of course it took off but uh that ruined his hunt
yeah you don't see those very often no I've seen two in my whole lifetime but when you see one 10 yards away in your
alone and with a long gun a long gun doesn't turn around that good at 180 and
shoots so he uh he got out of there he was a little shook up so hey man it's always a joy to have you on buddy thank
you so much for coming on and I guys listen if you're an outdoors guy you just need to go check these guys out you
will love their heart you will love what they're doing and if you like game calls you their calls are top shelf so thanks
a lot Trent really appreciate it man I really appreciate it too brother have a great day men if this podcast today has
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